Benefits of Medical Tourism in Iran

The Ministry of Health has plans for the future

Benefits of Medical Tourism in Iran




In Iran, medical tourism carriers include three entities: the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The development and expansion of medical tourism requires more collaboration and cooperation (compared to other countries), which until now has not been fully integrated.
According to the World Health Organization, by the year 2011, $ 50 billion annually came from destinations through medical tourism. In the case of Iran, it is also believed that Iran has the ability to attract approximately one million medical tourists annually, equivalent to $ 7 billion in revenue for the country.
The Ministry of Health has plans for the future. Among these programs could be an attempt to attract international patients, provide them with entry to the country, and carefully monitor the treatment centers for details of these programs. In this plan, first-class hospitals were introduced as treatment centers, and careful monitoring of their performance was made. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also proposed a health visa to nationals of other countries to facilitate their entry into the country. 

Attractions of Medical Tourism (and Health) of Iran
Price: Perhaps Iran's most important advantage in medical tourism is the cheapness of services compared to other countries, especially in European and American countries. Currently, India is the cheapest provider in the country, with the arrival of Iran to the medical tourism, and considering the facilities and culture of Iranians and, of course, more tourist attractions, and the ability to attract more tourists than India.

Water therapy: Another important attraction of Iran is water treatment, which is very much considered in health tourism. According to statistics, about 45 million tourists in the world use water treatment for their treatment, with Iran having more than 1000 known mineral spring’s capability to capture a high share in this area.

Mud cure: Mud treatment in the health tourism is a good place, and Iran is also well-equipped with the appropriate amenities such as the coasts of Lake Urumia or the Taftan Mountains.

Salt Therapy: One of the attractions that have recently attracted international tourists is curative and therapeutic salt therapy. With several salt domes, Iran can become one of the hubs of medical tourism in this regard. [3]

Traditional medicine: Another attraction that has recently been taken into consideration in the country, and even its academic disciplines are attracting students, is traditional Iranian medicine. According to Cisil Algod, a medical historian, Iranian medicine existed before Greek medicine, and the Persians taught the principles of what the Greek medicine called the Greeks. [4]

In terms of nature and climate, Iran has the ability to lead. Iran's restorations in Dylaman (Gilan), Javaherdeh (Mazandaran) or Shandiz (Khorasan Razavi) have a worldwide reputation.

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