Health tourism industry in Iran

Health tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of the tourism industry in the world

Health tourism industry  in Iran




Health tourism is one of the most dynamic sectors of the tourism industry in the world, which has attracted and planned for the involved organizations and countries interested in developing tourism. Industrial livelihoods in most countries the world brings with it requirements and has created needs for people of different societies. Nowadays, people's desire for fitness, the use of natural resources and vitamins, pain reduction, stress management, and increased mental health and body are very impressive. That is why in many parts of the world natural therapies, such as the use of hot springs, are very much considered, and all categories of people, such as low income and high income, tend to this type of tourism. Hot springs of the place It is suitable for creating tourist resorts, which by creating recreational centers and providing services and facilities at these points can be converted them into first-rate tourism destinations for tourists, because they will have both fun and exciting moments as well as health and Relax. In addition to these natural attractions and therapeutic methods of therapeutic tourism to heart Economic benefits are also considered because the export of medical services is a well-known principle for strengthening the healthcare system of the countries. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its plans, should develop 30% of the health and medical needs by the end of the fourth development plan; through the export of goods, medical services and health tourism. In addition to the need to export medical goods and services, health tourism income can also be tempting for countries, especially Asian countries, who are thinking of moving forward. This has led to some Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand and India dramatically It promotes the promotion of therapeutic services among the world's patients. There are no statistics on the turnover generated by health tourism in the world, but according to World Health Statistics, about $ 50 billion annually is spent on the treatment of patients in the region in European and American countries, with a percentage gain of this amount can have a dramatic impact on the economy of circulation Ray Asian countries have.

One of the attractions and privileges of Iran for therapeutic tourism in the water treatment area, so far, more than 1000 mineral springs have been identified. The low cost of medical services, as compared to other countries in the region, is among the other benefits of Iran for activities in the field of therapeutic tourism.

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