Health tourism in Iran

Health tourism in Iran, has not yet reached its place in the market

Health tourism in Iran





                                                                       Health tourism in Iran                                                                                                                   

Medical tourism in 2010 has earned a total of 7 billion AED for the UAE. Iran received about 12,000 foreign patients in 83 in 2004, which reached 17,500 in 2004, but unfortunately there are no statistics on revenues from tourism attraction in Iran in recent years. However, the main challenge facing Iran's therapeutic tourism is the lack of integrated management in this area, and since such an idea is considered almost new in Iran, it seems that the preparation of a plan that addresses this issue comprehensively, as well as the experiences of other countries in This study will help policymakers to take a scientific approach to nurturing medical tourism



In the field of health tourism and attracting tourists, health care should always focus on four basic items. The capabilities of medical professionals, day technologies and global standards, economics of treatment and medical expenses, and domestic regulations are among the most important determinants of health tourism. In all four cases, Iran has better capabilities than neighboring countries and the Middle East. Which should take full advantage of existing potential? Unfortunately, there are not enough ads to identify Iran's medical and tourism capabilities abroad, and government media and embassies have an important role to play in this regard. Today, the health tourism industry in the world is above the oil and gold industry. This industry is low-cost and high-income.

Health tourism goals in Iran

     Heart Surgery, Eye and Plastic Surgery
     Cancer-Related Diseases
     Tourism in the healing waters





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